Digital Goodnotes Planner



Product Description

If you’re like me, you are overwhelmed by several (or hundreds) of pages in a digital planner and want a simple digital Goodnotes planner. This digital planner has 6 pages that can easily be copied over as many times as you need to fulfill your planner goals.

This is a DIGITAL file. Save the PDF to your iPad and import it to the Goodnotes app or any app that accepts PDF imports. Use the hyperlinks to move across different pages: Weekly, Monthly, Daily, Doodle, and Notes. The Weekly View has 7 sections that display each day of the week.

The Monthly View is a blank month that you can add numbers to and write in the month. The Daily View includes a space to add the day and four goals. You can also monitor your water intake, food, and create your to-do list. The Goodnotes Digital Planner daily view also shares multiple ideas when you’re feeling blue and need a lift-me-up. The Doodle Page is a completely empty page where you can add stickers, doodles, thoughts, feelings, and anything else! The Notes Page is a lined page where you can type or write in notes about your day, journal about something, or simply jot down your grocery list.

The Goodnotes Digital Planner is a SIMPLE 6-page planner that is made for you to add more pages as you go.

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