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Hanging Air Freshener Bottle with Essential Oils



These hanging air fresheners make the perfect treat for you or a loved one! Choose from one of our 30+ essential oil scents and select your favorite charms to create an adorable custom air freshener for your car or home! These bottles are 5ml transparent glass bottles with a wooden lid that helps expose the scent in the bottle. These fragrant air fresheners will spruce up any space! Our custom air fresheners make the perfect gift for anyone looking to freshen up their life.

The string is detachable!

♥ “I am OBSESSED. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of my air fresheners.” ♥

One 5ml transparent glass bottle with your selected scent.
Optional: Add zodiac charms, initial charms, and/or phrase charms.

If your order is with charms, please use this order form to complete your order:


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